Hey, It’s Okay!

I admit, I’ve read Glamour magazine a time or two. Do you remember their “Hey, It’s OK!” section? Like, it’s okay to wear the same fancy dress to a wedding or two or three. It’s okay to have a snack on you at all times. Well, I’d like to present you with my own Spain-expat-blogger edition.

[Images from #TheTopKnot tumblr, which are gifs about blogging. Hilarious!]

Hey, It’s OK!

… if you don’t take a different trip every month. Just because you live in Spain doesn’t mean you cant enjoy being at home. Likewise, if you do travel a lot—hey, it’s okay!

… if you’re just not that into Instagram. Another sunset picture? Legs on the beach? Coffee? Everyone always seems shiny and happy there, and that’s cool, but life isn’t always shiny and happy and full of latte art. Unfortunately.

When a big blogger posts an Instagram of Froyo and 500 people like it

Big Blogger Instagram Froyo

… if you’re not interested in attending any blogging conferences. I’m an introvert; it’s part of the reason why I blog. Me + a bunch of other potential introverts = Errrrmmmm.

… if you don’t always speak Spanish to your Spanish partner, even though it is just the absolute best way to practice and learn a language and blah, blah, blah. Stop guilt tripping yourself!

… if you’re not all that interested in Spanish cinema or television shows. Except for Master Chef, because I just discovered that and it is wonderful.

… if the idea of self promotion still skeeves you out a bit. I get it, it’s essential for success, but sometimes I just want people to follow me because they like my content, not because I annoy them on Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare.

… if you really like comments and get disappointed when you don’t get any (or very few).

When I’m really excited about a post and no one comments right away


… if you might actually prefer to live in the US than in Spain. As hard as it is for some to believe, some of us like Spain—a lot!— but would prefer to live in the—gasp!—United States, closer to family, friends, and corn fields. (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

Now this is me:

When I know I’ve written a post that might piss some people off

Ron Swanson grimace

What would you add to this list?



Hello, lovely readers! Have I told you lately that I love you? That you’re all hot, and nice, and wonderful? And you’re the best?

Okay. Enough sucking up. I’m really here to tell you all two things.

  1. I just set up a Facebook page for my blog, so if y’all could go like it, it would be much obliged.
  2. If that isn’t motivation enough, here’s something that just might be.


Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? I know I do. What’s at stake this time?

La Tienda The Best of Spain

A $25 gift card to La Tienda!

What is La Tienda? La Tienda is an online Spanish specialty food retailer. The family who owns the business lived in Spain in the 1970s, and they decided in 1996 to “share with our neighbors a taste of Spain.” (They also have a retail store in Williamsburg, Virginia.)

You can buy tons of different, varied Spanish food products, including:

What do you have to do?

Not a lot. There are several ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on my blog, and for fun let me know how long you’ve been reading my blog!
  2. Like me on Facebook, and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so for an extra entry.
  3. Follow me on Twitter, and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so for an extra entry.

Note: the gift card can only be applied to orders in Spain and the US, but if you live in Spain and would like to participate please do! You could buy things for friends/relatives back home.

This contest will be open until one from today: Monday, May 13, at 6:00 p.m. Spain time (that’s 12:00 p.m. eastern time!).


Sorry to get all meta on you, but life’s tough. Suck it up.

My dear mother asked me an intriguing question the other day regarding blogging, about whether I ever think about what I will leave behind, what I’ll be known for. I said yes and no; I do think about whether other people see now, but I don’t think so much about what people in the future might think about my blog, or my Pinterest, or my Facebook account. So, I got to thinking. (I do that sometimes.)

Blog – I hope that people would think I was intelligent and my writing didn’t suck or have copious amounts of grammatical errors. I hope! It would be great if they though I was eloquent from time to time and that I expressed my thoughts in a coherent manner. Maybe they would even think that my boyfriend and I were a cute couple. I know I do.

I started blogging because I was going to Spain and it was a good way to communicate with friends/family back home without emailing all the time. I found a community (of sorts) with other auxiliares, expats, and travel bloggers. I have really come to enjoy blogging, sharing experiences, and commiserating with my fellow expats or former expats (I guess now I am a former).

Nowadays I blog because I love writing and sharing, getting feedback, and seeing what I can accomplish. My family tends to encourage me, so I keep at it. I don’t know exactly what my purpose is, but I like it for now, so I’ll keep chugging on.

Facebook – I think people would think that, compared to some of my friends, I don’t have that many tagged pictures, at least as compared to my peers and the length of time I’ve been on Facebook (since 2005!). (I’m a detagger; I readily admit it.) I am a big opponent of the cryptic status update, so I’d be pleased if they could find no evidence of such passive aggressive behavior. Maybe they’d think I’d lived a fun life, full of traveling, friends, family, and beauty. I believe my life to have been blessed.

Pinterest – They would probably think (with good reason!) that I like quotes made to look pretty, vegetables, delicious cocktails, dresses, and flats. Oh, how I love a good pair of flats. Also, it only looks this way, but I can’t deny the evidence: I”m a typical girl who plans her wedding without being engaged. And no, I’m not desperate to get married. I just like pretty flowers and buffets with gorgeous looking food!

All in all, I hope to come off as a nice, caring, intelligent, sometimes insightful individual. However, who knows, really?

What about you, dear readers? What sort of Internet legacy do you wish to leave? Is that the legacy that you are, indeed, leaving? What do you wish to accomplish with your blog? Do you think you’re accomplishing that?

Common Sense?

Happy Happy

I just read this article about 10 things happy couples do. I really like it because the advice is simple, uncomplicated, and common sense. But do we need to be reminded of common sense things? Well, believe me, I most certainly do.

Our mothers are experts at reminding us to drive safely and look both ways and stop, drop, & roll. (Or maybe I’m thinking of my second grade student teacher, Miss Beem. But I digress…) There are so many things we know, thing we know we know, yet fail to do. Why? I’ve no idea. But here are some things that I need to remind myself to do on a daily basis.

  1. Drink water. Drinking water is essential, yet I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t make myself. I drink. Like a fish. And without it, I feel all out of balance.
  2. Stretch. I admit it, I loathe stretching. It’s boring and doesn’t burn many calories. (Unlike Insanity.) But, again, it’s good for you and your sore muscles.
  3. Put on some SPF. We hear about the dangers of excess sun everyday, yet I forget that this applies to me, in the Midwest. Yes, the sun still shines, and yes, it is still (really stinkin’) hot, at least on my face and neck.
  4. Call my mom. Right now, this doesn’t apply, as I’m here for the summer, but when I’m away, I sometimes forget my momma wants to hear from me and, yes, she does want to hear the mundane details. If there’s anyone who does, it’s her. Thank goodness for moms.
  5. Don’t use Facebook to talk politics. Just don’t. There’s no point.
  6. Take your contacts out. Yeah, I hate that too, and would sleep with the things if I could. My eyes don’t even feel normal without my Acuvue Dailys.
  7. Read something. Not on the Internet. Like a book.
  8. Go to bed. Seriously. Get off Gchat and sleep.
  9. Forgive people. They’re not as bad as they seem when the lines are five deep at Kroger.
  10. Don’t stop dreaming. Just because you’re 23, 33, 43, 53 doesn’t mean your life can’t change. It can (and it may, for better or worse). So, take a step, and hope the Spanish government decides to give you the visa.