So You’re Dating a Spaniard—Christine

Hello! I’m back again with my favorite blog series, So You’re Dating a SpaniardThis time I’m interviewing Christine, a New Yorker dating a Spaniard.

Christine Antoine

So, let’s start off with you introducing yourself to the blog readers!

My name’s Christine Antoine. I’m 25 years old, from the Bronx, NY. I did a summer study abroad here after my junior year and fell in love with Spain and I knew I wanted to come back. So I found out about the Auxiliares de Conversacion program and I’m now entering my 3rd year working as a language assistant in Spanish schools.

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Learning to Live in Spain

Have you all read my interview over on Expats Blog? If not, head on over to read my interview and leave a comment on my profile page if you’re so inclined.

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One of the questions I was asked in my interview was “If you could pick one piece of advice to anyone moving here, what would it be?” It’s a difficult question for me, because I’m not one to give advice, at least not without advising you to take whatever I say with a large grain of salt. You see, everyone is different, and I don’t think my experience is the only one, or that you’re like me, or anything of the sort.


Maybe you don’t like garlic. But why would you come to Spain then?

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