Meet Kaley!

Hey guys! I was just interviewed by Corbett over at his blog at Dawgs in Valencia. Check it out!

Dawgs In Valencia:

Name: Kaley Hendrickson
Age: 27
Program: North American Language and Culture Assistants (NALCA) program
Hometown: Crawfordsville, Indiana
Current location: Madrid, Spain
Blog/website: Y Mucho Más
College: Indiana University (Bloomington) — Class of 2009
Major: Spanish
Level of Spanish fluency: C2 (Fluent)
1. Why did you choose the NALCA program? I’d really say that this program chose me, at least in Madrid. I first participated in the program in Zamora from 2010 to 2011. It wasn’t the most positive experience, because the students all had very low levels and basically disrespected me the entire time I was there. Nonetheless, after obtaining residency and work permission in 2012, I was willing to give it another shot in Madrid. The students at my new school (a colegio) were much better. This year, I just called the program office and asked if they had any open slots, and—ta da!—they found me a spot at…

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4 thoughts on “Meet Kaley!

      1. They do, and they’re great! The woman who owned this one was the sweetest, she was a great cook, and her homemade jams were to die for. Not only that, she’s just down the road from a honey farm with the most amazing tastings (including honey liqueur): You can’t go back to America before you’ve visited Asturias!

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