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Hey guys! I was just interviewed by Corbett over at his blog at Dawgs in Valencia. Check it out!

Originally posted on Dawgs In Valencia::

Name: Kaley Hendrickson
Age: 27
Program: North American Language and Culture Assistants (NALCA) program
Hometown: Crawfordsville, Indiana
Current location: Madrid, Spain
Blog/website: Y Mucho Más
College: Indiana University (Bloomington) — Class of 2009
Major: Spanish
Level of Spanish fluency: C2 (Fluent)
1. Why did you choose the NALCA program? I’d really say that this program chose me, at least in Madrid. I first participated in the program in Zamora from 2010 to 2011. It wasn’t the most positive experience, because the students all had very low levels and basically disrespected me the entire time I was there. Nonetheless, after obtaining residency and work permission in 2012, I was willing to give it another shot in Madrid. The students at my new school (a colegio) were much better. This year, I just called the program office and asked if they had any open slots, and—ta da!—they found me a spot at…

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Madrid Has No Winter

Nueves meses de invierno, tres meses de infierno.

That sentence (Nine months of winter, three months of hell) is supposed to describe Madrid. Supposed to. Because it’s utterly untrue.false-dwight-schrute-factsDwight and I agree on this

Perhaps you grew up in sunny southern California and you would beg to disagree. But sorry, no—you’re also wrong.


My 10 Spanish Favorites

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for a good survey post. Even back in the day of Myspace (ooh! cringe!), I loved those posts where you listed your favorite drink (non-alcoholic, of course!) or the last thing you ate. Maybe it’s the voyeur in me. I saw another blogger’s post about her favorites, and I started to think it would be fun to share my favorite things about Spain, the country I call home—for now.

1. Food

Salchichón from Spain

It’s such a tough decision. But I’m going to have to say salchichón, made by mother- and father-in-law. There is no comparison with the storebought version, and do not give me fuet. (By the way, I also appreciate Zamora’s version of cured sheep’s milk cheese, and I will never say no to lentejas!)

2. Drink


What Is Home?

Where is your home? Is it the house you grew up in, where you went to university, or perhaps where you live now with your significant other? For me, it’s all three of those things. It’s the house I grew up in, it’s my university town, and it’s certainly where I live now.

For me, home isn’t just one fixed place. Home is where I lay my head; home is where I feel most myself. I currently lay my head in Madrid, Spain, but I feel most myself here, in Indiana.

Where do you feel most yourself?